The Vampire Fish::


Kind: Predatory Fish with bite  #vampirefish

Specs: 5’8” x 19.5” x 2.375”

Volume: 28.5 Liters

Special Features: It has Wings, Beaked Nose.

Bottom Contours: Single to Double Concave to Vee tail

Tail Shape: Vector Swallow tail

Fin Set Up: 3, 4, 5

Description: This is our modernized wing version of the Hybrid inspired by the Weirdo Ripper from Channel Islands. It’s short and stocky. The robustly wide outline to pointed nose and sharp tail is making this a favorite among the South Beach Shredders. They’re like a gang down here. A gang of predatory surfers out to inflict damage to the few waves that manage to trickle their way in here. It’s slim pickings in Miami. Seriously. This board is not for somebody who surfs soft and straight. Although you could probably just hang a nice down the line to the end. But that would be a waste of this high performance board which is like a compact Boxter with wide sticky tires and manual shifting. You manually shift and step on it all around the twisting wave track. Performs well in a wide range of waves from 3’ to 6’+ but excels best in junky waves. This board can be thinned out and refined or thickened up with boxy rails when extra volume is needed.


Vampire Fish History: The first picture is the Hybrid Wing design from like 5 years back. It was for Jason Goldstein with his alma mater UM’s Ibis painted on. Later, It was Brandon Valverde who put in the order for a Weirdo Ripper redux. The rest is history.

Michael Enriquez with his day-glow orange Vampire Fish. Smart guy. He came up with the color scheme.

Davo with his Miami Heat board. This was back when Lebron was still in town hence the #6.

So far I’ve made 4 Heat boards. Gerald is riding the #3. I made Marley a #1. and another numberless.

It’s a Miami thing...



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