Torpedo ::


Kind: HYBRID  \ˈhī-brəd\

Specs: 6’0” x 19.75” x 2.375”

Volume: 30.5 Liters

Bottom Contours: Single to Double to Vee tail

Tail Shape: Bat tail. Swallow tail, Round Squash

Fin Set Up: ANY

Description: The name says it all...

But just in case you think the name “Torpedo” doesn’t say much to you and you need a little explanation???

The short answer: It’s an elongated POD, or a shrunken Squid, and It falls right in between a POD and a Squid. The Torpedo is in fact a Hybrid Shortboard. It belongs in the shortboard family no bigger than 6’3”. It’s technically a Hybrid although it has way more nose and volume than our model by the same name. The Torpedo is more related in design to the Squid fun-shape. It’s a cross between a B2 shortboard thruster and a Rocket Fish. The nose is fuller like a Rocket Fish yet aggressive and pointy. No round eggy nose or blunt nose. That front end has enough chest area for easy wave catching but will not get caught up in tight, critical areas of the wave. The back end is that of a high-performance B2 model ready to turn on a dime. The outline Wide Point (WP) is neutral right around the middle. The width is not as wide as a Manta or Fish but a little wider than your regular shortboard and starts at 19.75” but you can add more or less. The thickness should be at least 2.375” standard more or less. You want this board to have a little extra floatation than your normal short thruster. The rocker, although moderate, is a continuous curve throughout with not so much up the front end with a little flip. The back end rocker is flatter but not dead flat. It has some curve with a little kick. It’s a fast flowing bottom for all a round conditions... Order one around the same size as your height (+/-) 1” or 2”.

The bottom is a single concave to double to Vee out the back. Riders say they love the fluidness of the turns.

Customer Matt Crow inspecting his new Torpedo with his kids. “Dad. What is that”? “It’s a Torpedo son”.

The Torpedo sporting some FCS fins, mixed set. This board works well in all fin configurations.


“Eat Crow”. Customer Matt Crowe with his custom made Torpedo. He’s showing up to the beach now with so much swag he can hardly contain himself.



Misha, the Russian Torpedo 6’2”

“Can you put an 808 beat machine on my board? And a 303 on the other side”???

Misha loves to make electronic music and he wanted to add his musical instruments on the board. I’m like, “Sure! Why not”? This is only my second time doing a big print inlay. Lots of potential in the big graphic print dept. Misha’s been using his new board sparingly as one can imagine with his new toy, this unique and eye catching art piece. But feedback came in finally and the board really works! Buddy Rob Guertin took it out a couple times and says the board is phenominal. “Misha doesn’t know what he’s got there yet”I was like, “Whoa”!


Torpedo for Natasha next to a close relative the Vampire Fish. ©2016