The Squid ::


Kind: High Performance Fun Shape

Sizes: 6’5” thru 6’10”  Width: 21” thru 21.5”  Thickness: 2.65” thru 3” 

Volume: 40.2 Liters

Special Features: Pointed Nose, Pulled in Tail. Lots of Entry Rocker.

Bottom Contours: Single to Double Concave to Vee tail

Tail Shape: Swallow tail. Squash Tail or Round-Pin optional.

Fin Set Up: 3 or 5 fin.

Description: This slippery cephalopod is the new Squid for mid 2014. Thanks to the introduction of the larger Kraken model we can now tailor the Squid back down to what it should be, a mid sized high performance fun shape. This board can be considered the next one up from the B2. The Squid has about 5-6 liters more of volume than the B2 yet retains all of the shortboard characteristics including a deeper double concave through the fins, and our usual Vee tail tweak out the back. The pulled in tail will hold in larger surf and the outline is still sleek enough to hug a steep wave face.

This board is slippery through the water indeed and the 5 fin set up gives you many options for different surf conditions.



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