The Nose Picker ::


Kind: Modern Long Board

Sizes: 9’0” thru 9’2”  Width: 22” thru 23”  Thickness: 2.75” - 3” +

Volume: 68.5 Liters

Special Features: Blunt Round Nose, Wide Point forward

Bottom Contours: Deep Single Concave Nose to Double spiral Vee out the back.

Tail Shape: Round Squash, Square, Round, Round-Pin

Fin Set Up: Single, 2+1, 4+1

Description: The Nose Picker is our modern longboard design. It has a hard edge behind the fins for some grip. You don’t have to tweak this board out too much except maybe get the tail shape of your choice. Fin set up of your choice. Maybe widen or reduce the nose and tail a little? At 22” wide this board is responsive and turns on a dime especially if you go with the super light Epoxy. This board is meant for cross-stepping up to the nose as well as hopping to the back for holding a good bottom turn on a wide variety of surf conditions. Don’t forget to drop that knee to look stylish. The Nose Picker is a good all-a-round board to have in Florida and anywhere in the world. Long-boarding is still “IN” since the 50’s. It hasn’t gone out of style. However, short-boarders will have something to say about that.

The Round-Pin Tail

The Round Tail

The Square Tail



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