The Latest Craze ::


Kind: Retro Shape

Specs: 6’0” x 20.75” x 2.75”

Volume: 36 Liters

Special Features: Wide Point Forward

Bottom Contours: Flat entry to Single concave to Deep Double Concave + Vee tail

Tail Shape: Round-Pin, Round-Thumb, Double Pin (Swallow tail)

Fin Set Up: Any

Description: The Latest Craze design is nothing new. It’s only a retro shape come back to life. Nothing fancy about the shape or construction. I’m still using traditional, and I’m guessing now “Old School” yet effective foam blanks with a traditional wood stringer. So passe´. I know, I know... Traditional fiberglass, and resins, the same as the 50-60‘s only new and improved but still the same stuff basically. As for the shape the Latest craze outline has a retro 70‘s style wide point forward, and a tear drop outline pointed to a Pin tail. It has points on both ends. This is not an egg. The pin tail end of the Latest Craze helps it hold steady in steep powerful surf. This board surfs very fluidly especially in the cleaner stuff. Does figure 8‘s almost effortlessly. This board is made for the barrel and for carving hard. Different from other popular retro shapes on the market our Latest Craze has a unique double concave + Vee out the back giving this design lots of spring off the bottom turn with lots of drive considering how pulled in the tail is. The front end is wide with lots of chest area for easy paddling and getting into the waves, and low entry rocker for down the line speed. Even though this board might seem kinda bulky it actually feels chippy when made to the customers ideal volume and size. This board works well in the Tri-Fin configuration, but it also likes to be fitted with a single fin. 5-fin or Bonzer style is also an option.

Customers keep asking me if this is a small wave groveler and I will have to say. “no”.

This board comes alive with anything over 3’-4’ surf. Below that and the pin tail just doesn’t produce the push you need

on weak and tiny waves. But for that we have plenty of other small wave designs and ultimately the Longboard.

This is a good board for chest, to head high, to overhead surf. Good for barrels of fun.

Here’s the latest, Latest Craze 2017 model custom made for Brandon Van Kempen who lives and surfs in Melbourne, FL. He went for the new HDS stringer from US Blanks. I had been requesting these blanks for a while and they finally came in and they are available. Also featuring full carbon fiber UD rail strips plus new Web Fused Carbon strips on the bottom. We went for a clean black and white look. Nothing wrong with that.


The Latest Craze 6’2” floating on hot asphalt. Rob Guertin aka Dj UpRokk stowing away his Latest Craze into the board bag for safe keeping.


C-Shapes making boards. (Got a little carried away here with my paint suit and goggles).


Don’t worry guys, this is all legit.

Making boards is not illegal like breaking bad.

But if your boards break bad they should be illegal.

The Latest Craze already living up to its name. (You gotta name these boards something...)

The Latest Craze. Every time I finish one it becomes the Latest Craze.

@SurfStarChris Got one for his Dad on Fathers day. His dad was stoked. Way to get bonus points with your old man.

The Latest Craze 6’4” x 21” x 2.65” @ 36 L for Carlos “CacoAlvarez & Clara Alvarez happy as can be with

her Latest Craze 6’2”. No relation between these two, and they are not married. We just do things in alphabetical order around here. A little further down the alphabet is Gaudi Castro holding up his single fin Craze.



Hurricane Joaquin September 30th, 2015

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Here’s the Latest Craze 6’2” with a single wing being fine tuned for Marcos Delgado.