The Kraken ::


Kind: Enormous cephalopod

Sizes: 7’0” thru 7’6”  Width: 21.5” thru 22.5”  Thickness: 3”

Volume: 53.5 Liters

Special Features: Pointed Nose, Wider outline. Enormous tail.

Bottom Contours: Single to Double Concave to Vee tail

Tail Shape: Squash tail.

Fin Set Up: 5 fin.

Description: This enormous cephalopod is the new Kraken for mid 2014. After making a few normal sized Squid we started to make them much, much bigger and then realized this is no ordinary Squid. This has to be the legendary Kraken we’ve all heard about that terrorizes fishermen way out at sea. Well, we can at least keep that legend going here no problem as this Big Squid is boasting some extra liters in the volume dept. Made for easy paddling and wave catching, yet don’t want to ride a traditional log or round nose slug but surfs like a thruster. The Kraken fits nicely in the mid sized fun shape category and can scoop up a wide range of surf conditions.

It’s so enormous that you can barely get your arm around it, and it’s really slippery too so don’t lose your grip.



The Kraken next to its slimmer sibling the Squid.

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