The Earthling ::


Kind: Retro-Egg / Double Ender

Standard dims: 6’6” x 20.5” x 2.5” @ 36.5 Liters

Sizes: 6’0” thru 6’10”  Width: 20” thru 22”  Thickness: 2.375” thru 3”

Volume: 36.5 Liters thru 48.3 Liters

Special Features: Tear Drop Outline

Bottom Contours: Slight Single to Double Spiral Vee

Tail Shape: Pulled in Round-Pin tail.

Fin Set Up: Any

Description: The Earthling is a Retro Eggy design for the modern age. The broad nose area makes for easy paddling and wave catching, and the pulled in round-pin makes for a board capable of charging bigger more powerful surf. Moderate rocker makes it fast down the line. The extra volume makes paddling easy. The soft round rails are forgiving and the bottom contours keep it lively in all round conditions. A good alternative to a fish or fun shape. Can be used by any age and skill level. Try it single fin.


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If you think this fin set-up is crazy, check out Derek Hynd’s finless surfing. Bonzer fins and Knubster from FCS.

Bonzer simulator using a Large center fin. Or you can just get a traditional BOX.



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