The Ghost ::


Kind: Rocket Fish

Specs: 5’4” x 18.75” x 2.1”

Volume: 23.3 Liters

Bottom Contours: Single to Vee tail

Tail Shape: Bat tail or Round Squash

Fin Set Up: 3, 4, 5

Description: This is a Rocket Fish for groms. Provides a wider nose and tail for easy paddling and wave catching. Comes with a standard Bat tail or the optional Squash tail. Originally designed for Marley Puglielli when he was a grom. Marley won 1st place in a contest in Puerto Rico using the Ghost model.

The Latest Ghost model 5’4” in production for Finn



        Deck prep



Ghost History



Final Sanding

Finn with his new Ghost 5’4”

I think I seen a Ghost? The Ghost with glow in the dark resin tint.

Black Light included.


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