The Sizzle Stick ::


Kind: Semi-Pro Shortboard

Original Specs: 5’11” x 18.6” x 2.25” @ 25.5L

Version 2 Specs: 5’9” x 19” x 2.25” @ 25L

Bottom Contours: Deep Single to Double to Vee tail

Tail Shape: Pulled in Baby Squash, Swallow or Round-Pin

Fin Set Up: 3, 4, 5

Description: The original Sizzle Stick was a custom design for Melvin Ancheta and it’s loosely based off the CI Semi-Pro 12 model. The first Sizzle Stick is a great model which was proven in big Nicaragua barrels. That’s all you need to know really as far as the original Sizzle Stick. Special features of the board is a flat entry bottom to deep single, which goes almost into a straight Vee out the back.
But refinements to the design have made the back end more like a double concave to slight Vee. The outline is very similar to the Whip model and it has around the same volume. The main difference between the Whip and Sizzle Stick is the rocker in which the SS has a more relaxed rocker both front and aft from the traditional Whip. Working closely with local pro surfer David Begley I was able to make the Sizzle Stick more South Florida friendly even though the original design was not too bad for down here. We added about 1/2” in width and the tail is also wider and the swallow tail works really good on the board. Lastly, I’ve been working on a step up version of the Sizzle Stick with Piero in which we stretched it to 6’3” and gave it a pulled in Round-Pin tail making this board better suited for larger surf in the head to double overhead range. I’m thinking about calling that one the “LightSaber” as it rivals the Katana in looks. Davo is very pleased with his new design and he’s been having one of his best seasons ever this year as he’s surfing with confidence and swag. Another Davo model that was laying around went to Macky P. in which he too felt the responsiveness of the board and was amazed. The SS2 is no longer a prototype model but a proven design that works in all conditions. The Sizzle Stick is tested and approved by David Begley, Alex Casal, Chispy and Macky Pesche.

Original Design for Melvin


New for 2018 the Sizzle Stick AC Alex Casal featuring a round-pin tail and some refinements to the outline. Still a Sizzle Stick though.

Sizzle Stick AC 6’0”  / Round-pin step-up model.

The Sizzle Stick 2 David Begley Pro model. Davo likes the Swallow tail a lot.

The Sizzle Stick - LightSaber model, extra volume for Piero.


It took two whole tries to perfect the model for Davo. The first design on the right was good but it had some minor issues. I had to go back to Davo’s Vampire Fish design which was working good and I compared all the aspects to see what was going on. Turns out it needed some tweaks on the rail apex and 1 whole extra liter in volume. I also added a little extra center width. Lastly, I gave it a swallow tail. The 2nd and final design on the left hand is fire. “Don’t change a thing” says, Davo.

I’ve been equipping the Sizzle Sticks with the new FIN-S fin system and it’s working out pretty good.

Davo hitting the lip at South. Photo: Jesse Wicker

Davo doing a forward slash / Photo: B_UPhotography

Lesther Espinosa loves his Sizzle Stick down in Nica. Thanks to Alex Beltran for picking this one off the rack. He took it down to his broda from another motha and the rest is history.

Chispi in Colombia were the water sizzles all year.

Gotta watch your back. Chispi backside attack in Colombia.

Sebastian Moreno surfing his namesake Sebastian inlet. He borrowed Nabil’s Sizzle Stick and took it out for a fling in the spin cycle.

Nabil ordered a Sizzle Stick, only he left one vital piece in info. He forget to tell me he gained over 20 pounds in the past year. So this “on the fly” design is a little under sized for him, but he still managed to snag a couple rides on it. somebody please tell Nabil to slow it down when ordering a board.

Sobe was on fire the day after the Super Bowl and so was Davo on his magic Sizzle Stick. He scored this money shot on Six magazine thanks to photographer Jesse Wicker who was on the spot with his Superbowl worthy lens.

This one is the original Sizzle Stick design with the pulled in Baby Squash tail made for Chispi in Colombia with a Ferrari red paint job.

Customer Testimonials

“I’m preaching it everywhere I go”!

Macky Pesche’s 5’9”


“This thing better work”...

Piero Porcari’s 6’3”


“This board is magic”...

David Begley’s 5’9” ©2016


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