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Quiver Thriller

Kind: All-Round Thriller Board.

Release Date: February 2018

Size: 5’8” x 19.25” x 2.35”

Volume: 28.2 Liters

Special Features: Cool Name. Cool Logo

Bottom Contours: Single Concave to Double Concave to concave out the back.

Tail Shape: Round-Thumb tail

Fin Set Up: 3 fin or 5 fin.


“Hey. Is that by any chance a Quiver Killer”? “Why No. It is not. It’s a Quiver Thriller”... So Chris Martin walks in and he had broken his new Quiver Killer and asked me if I can fix it, and second, can I make him one just like it? Now under normal circumstances I usually do not like copying other shapers boards. It really annoys me. I usually tell the customer off and send them back to the shaper they came from. But Chris is such a good sport and I felt bad that he could not enjoy his Quiver Killer from Lost Surfboards very much, so I went ahead and took on the assignment. This board wasn’t too hard to simulate. I already have a similar design going called the Torpedo (which is a good working board BTW). The main change in design was the round tail. I removed the squash tail and made it round. All the other dims were pretty much in the same place. I also made the nose outline a little pointier. Lost is famous for their Pointy, thinned-out and flipped-up noses. But I didn’t go that far, just slightly pointier in the outline. I then matched the same volume and “presto-chango” we have ourselves now a Quiver Thriller in the quiver. I hope the guys over at Lost have a good sense of humor and don’t take me into court. Making this board was really thrilling. Christian was thrilled to see his new board. Hoping it goes just as well the Lost version.

So far this if a one-off custom for Christian Martin and I’m waiting for his feedback on it.

Don’t go copying my light green dirty tint...

Tested and approved. Kandui Resort @surfstarchris


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