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Howard “Chispy” Gomez

Location: Cartagena, Colombia ©2016

Above is Howard’s latest creation for 2015, The Sizzle Stick 5’8” with Ferrari Red Paint Scheme. Howard and I have been trying to dial in his specs for a while now, because he was really tiny as a grom and now he’s growing up so the boards are getting closer to perfect with each try. Before the 5’8” I made for him a 5’4” HBW with 5 fin setup. He thought it was maybe too small at first. And in Peru, during a contest, when he tried it out for the first time the waves had too much size and power for the 5’4”. But I told him that board is really meant for smaller surf. He explained that he only had enough room to take one board to Peru, and well, that made sense. He then tried the 5’4” back at home in the small stuff and got the hang of it. Now the latest 5’8” Sizzle Stick thruster should help him next time the waves have more size and power.

Here is Chispy’s latest score.

An article in

Nameless in South America.

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