The Hybrid ::


Kind: Florida Mix Shortboard with a little a touch of fish somewhere.

Latest Specs: 6’0” x 18.75” x 2.25” @ 27.5L

Bottom Contours: Single to Double to Vee tail

Tail Shape: Bump Swallow tail.

Fin Set Up: 3, 4, 5

Description: The Hybrid is a thruster model I worked up over 10 years ago to combat the weak mushy surf we get down here in Miami. The Hybrid is mostly a shortboard thruster. Not everybody can ride a short thruster though. This is not an egg, or fish by far, although it has a little fish in there somewhere. Perhaps making it more fish like is the deep cut swallow tail? Looking at the back end you can probably say “there’s the fish”! The Swallow tail is the standard tail design for this board. The thickness is thin but not potato chip thin, more around 2.25”+ is a good starting point if you weight in at around 150-160 lbs. But the design does add volume out to the rails, and the rails are rounded, semi boxy which are forgiving when chop hopping and turning in mushy disorganized water. The tail end has a unique bump enabling a quick release point at the hip. This combined with the swallow tail makes for a real quick and snappy board. The Rocker is Florida friendly. Can work in mushy to clean and steep conditions. The bottom contours has a single to double concave with vee tail standard. Response has been great over it 10 year plus history. The name Hybrid is the same from the first one. Been thinking about calling it something else but who’s got time to keep naming new names when it’s the same board? Only a few changes over time, with added bump and added nose flip. The Hybrid can be customized to accommodate any size and skill level. Offspring of the Hybrid is the Grenade model which is shorter, stockier.

Re-introducing, the same old Hybrid from over ten years ago! If it ain’t broken don’t fix it. Very little changes from the original hand shape for David Begley dubbed “the Green Machine”. That magic design was cherished, kept and then mapped out into the computer and we’ve been making it ever since. The bottom one is the most recent made for Chad Denton in Vero Beach, FL.




Chad Denton was stoked to remake his vintage Hybrid

which he bought used up in the Vero Beach area.

He was keen on keeping it exactly the same.

Every little detail counts.

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