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Don’t forget to Spray!!! Get yourself a little paint job! Why not?

Spray: Solid 1 Color  $25.00.  Custom Color Spray $50.00 & UP^

Solid Spray +$25.00

Custom Spray +$50.00 and up^

Custom Spray ADVANCED:  $75 & UP.

MIAMI HEAT LOGO STENCIL $50.00 + SOLID 1 COLOR +25.00 = $75.00

-The Grenade


Solid Spray +$25.00 + Artist illustration +$100.00 = $125.00

Illustration by: Ghost Artist

If you are an artist and wishes to paint your own board here? You may do so at no extra cost if you bring your own paint and supplies. Otherwise you may have to pay or shop supplies.

Resin Tints-Transparent / Pigments-Opaque starting @

$25.00 (Dirty-No Cut Lap) Shortboards up to 7’0”.

Best Deal! Covers anything from a simple color streak or splash across your board to multi-color mayhem.

$50.00 (Clean-Cut Lap) Shortboards up to 7’0”.

$50.00 (Dirty-No Cut Lap) Funshapes and Longboards 7’1” and up

Next best Deal! Covers anything from a simple color streak or splash across your board to multi-color mayhem.

$100.00 (Clean-Cut Lap) Funshapes and Longboards 7’1” and up

FYI: (Resin tints consume extra resin and materials, aside from being a delicate operation to achieve. Requires a steady hand and patience. It’s not easy to do especially a clean, cut-lap resin tint, but in the end it’s worth it giving the board a classic look showing multiple shades of vibrant color).

Example Above: Resin Tint / Solid 1 Color / Cut Lap / Shortboard = $75.00


      Above: Dirty Blue resin tint. Nose Dip.  $50.00              Dirty resin tint bottom. I made a mess. The Manta.


         Pigment/Opaque White front. Light Blue tail. Dirty $50.00     The Swagger-Opaque glass. The white came out kinda cloudy.




The Soul Saver 9’0” with a cheater polish finish.

Cheater Polish (Poly): $25.00

  1. High Gloss (Gloss Coat + Polish): $50.00 For Polyester Only.

The Base price is for a wet sanded finish, which looks Satin. All Epoxy surfboards come with the standard Satin finish. But if you wanted one polished and shiny it is doable for an additional charge. Epoxy surfboards do not get High Gloss. The Polyester boards also come with the Satin finish, but they can be cheater polished with a shiny, high luster finish. Polyester surfboards can also get the High Gloss treatment for the ultimate bling.

+$25.00 for Cheater Polished finish is reasonable if you wanted to add some affordable bling to your new board. We can either include this in the price and charge more or make it an option since these are custom boards. For many the sanded finish will do, but some boards deserve a shiny gloss finish. Looks even better.

When ordering your new board please specify; Sanded, Polished, or High Gloss for the finish. Otherwise Sanded is default.


Initial rough grit.                                       Looking frosty at 200 grit.                       The Grenade in Epoxy all Polished up.

Samples of most recent boards Jan-March 2018


The Sizzle Stick 5’9” for Alex, EPS - Wood Stringer - Plain Jane

+ Carbon-Glass tail tape + Futures fin boxes.


The C-Horse 5’4” for Tim featuring: EPS - Wood Stringer + Full Carbon-Glass tape on deck

+ Quad Fin, Futures Fins with Controller Bamboo fin set.


The C-Slug 7’0” for Tyler featuring: EPS - Wood Stringer + Day-Glo Orange Spray,

2+1 Fin setup - Futures Fins / 10.5” Box


The Bam Bam 6’1” for Chris Featuring Ultra-HDS/EPS + Lavander tint on the bottom with dirty lap

+ Quad Axial Carbon Deck + Carbon fiber tail strips + Web fused tape on the bottom + FIN-S fins.


Reinforcements are +additional. You decide where and how much to use. Or leave it up to me. The most you will spend on deluxe glassing is +$40 - 50.00 if you went full length carbon tapes or two sided vector net wraps + S-Glass.


Standard Carbon-Glass tape has a 4.8 oz weave with both carbon strips and fiberglass. CG tape provides both tensile strength & Compression strength. It can be used to reinforce the tail and rails or down the stringer line to help prevent stinger pop on the deck. Also gives the board more spring or “kinetic flex” when used on the bottom. Works great on stringer-less boards. Comes in black or custom colors. Can be cut to any size.

Carbon-Glass Tape: $2.50 ft.

Tail / Rails Savers approx  1 yard = $7.50

-The Remix

With Deluxe Glassing

Carbon-Glass Tape: $2.50 ft.  Total = 4 yards (12 ft.) x $2.50 = $30.00

^ I believe through test trials, that using glass tape over the stringer will prolong the life of your board. I’ve seen way too many boards come in for repairs and the first place they go bad is on the deck along the stringer. Using tapes on the bottom also help give the board more flex support. Boards with wood stringers may not need it but stringer-less boards can use some extra support down the middle. Using tapes and how much and where is all up to you or leave it up to me!

Carbon Tape 3” (6-Line) Power Strips. $2.50 ft. x 6 ft. = $15.00

Helps reinforce the stringer. Prevents stringer pop, and added tail strength. Almost obligatory for stringer-less boards to prevent deck collapse. (Without a stringer the rails become the main source of strength for the board while the middle becomes weak). I see these tapes becoming the norm for Stringer-less boards and boards with HDS stringers along with regular wood stringers too for added “durability”.

-The Little Fatty 6’4” for Jose Cueto!

“You will pay for this, and you will pay for your ding repairs too!

4+2+4 Tape just came in! Looks Hot!

Vector Net comes in different weaves. #138, #233, #226, #227

The diagonal crossed Technora Aramid fiber. It has a high tensile strength which is how much it can be pulled before it breaks. This makes it good for use on the tails and bottoms of boards to help add kinetic flex or “pop” especially on stringer-less boards. The #227 dense weave offers some impact resistance but pressure dents still occur.

#227 Vector net (Dense weave) $2.50 ft.

#227 Vector netting Tail/Rail Patch approx 2’ = $5.00 (Not bad)

#226 Vector Net (Light weave) $2.50 ft.

#226 Vector netting Tail Patch approx 2’ = $5.00 (That’s it???)

-The HBW

#226 Vector net (Light weave) $2.50 ft.

#226 Vector netting: Full 1 Side Deck Wrap approx 6ft. = $15.00 (Peanuts)

-The Vampire Fish

#226 Vector Net (Light weave) $2.50 ft.

#226 Vector Net: Full 1-Sided Bottom Wrap. Approx 10ft. = $25.00 (Will not break the bank)

Note Vector Net wrapping will increase the weight of your board. Great to weigh down your EPS longboards with, while adding strength too.

This is #138 Tri-Axial Pattern is made of Techora Aramid fibers, which are more flexible than carbon fiber. It’s said to provide dent protection as well as added flex strength.

#138 Vector Net  (2.5 oz thick weave) $4.50 ft.

#138 Vector Net: Tail patch: 18”  = $6.75 (Check for availability)

-The Earthling “Look dear! There goes another Earthling”.

Try XP #233 WHITE NET for impact Resistance!

New White #233 Net (Dense Weave) is said to have better impact resistance for use on decks. We shall soon find out!


New 5 oz. Carbon Quad Axial Cloth just arrived! Doesn’t just look great! It is great! For Stringer or Stringerless blanks. $10.00 per yard. 2 yards on deck = +$20.00

Special HDS Stringers = +$20.00


Also in, 4oz E-cloth with Carbon Strips. Great for decks and tails! Super Fancy but also super strong!

$10.00 per yard. 2 yards on deck = +$20.00

That’s basically it. All pricing is down to earth and reasonable.


Custom Surfboards Starting @


New base price honoring a standard “Plain Jane” surfboard. All white, Wood Stringer, 1-3 fin boxes of choice; Single, Twin or Thruster setup. Quad and 5-fin is extra: +$10.00 per fin box.

Pricing current as of: 07.16.19 Prices are subject to change without notice.

Wait time on Custom Orders:

That’s just the way it is.

The good news is time flies!


Glassing David Begley’s Sizzle Stick in the Light Glass-Deluxe which has a full Carbon-Glass spine patch + tail-rail patches. Also a partial spine patch on the bottom.