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Kind: Retro Fish

Release Date: December 2016

Size: 6’0” x 21” x  2.7”

Volume: 37.5 Liters

Special Features: Wide Point Forward, Nose is pointed and beaked.

Bottom Contours: Single Concave to Double Concave to Vee out the back.

Tail Shape: Swallow Tail

Fin Set Up: Twin, Quad


The Fast & Loose model is a retro style fish with the wide point forward. It has a pointed and vintage beaked nose with a semi flat deck and semi boxy rails. The tail is not extra wide like most twin fin fishes. It has a more pulled in tail and smaller swallow tail at around 9” wide as opposed to 12” wide like on most retro fishes. The bottom contour has a mix of single concave to double concave through the fins with a little Vee kick out the back. It has a modernized rocker with a little added nose rocker. Can be ridden with Twin Keels or Quad set up. This board is supposed to have a couple extra liters of volume for riding small, gutless waves. Don’t want to ride a longboard in knee to thigh high conditions? Bust out a fat twin-fin fish.

Revisiting the Twin-Fin set up. It’s been a while since I tried one. 2008 was the last one and it didn’t go so well. The fin placement was wrong. They were too far back at 5.5 from the tail. I managed to correct the problem by adding another set of fins further up and making it into a quad. The Quad worked. Been making quads ever since. My main concern on this board is getting the fin placement right. After talking to a couple local shapers including “Sweet Bret” from Crowd Control and Logan Moore from Nebula Surf Crafts I came up with the right fin placement from the tail and it should work on this kind of fish with this kind of pulled in tail. I might even try the next one a little further up the tail? Could be, should be money giving me that perfect “Fast & Loose” feel that I’m searching for.

This board is so new we don’t even know what it’s gonna do yet. It’s a prototype. But so far it looks really good. I mean, who really cares about riding it? Haha. But don’t worry. Hugh’s itching to ride his new board and will let me know real soon how it rides with the Rasta keel fins from Futures Fins. Thanks to Hugh for trusting me with his money to make him a twin-fin fish. Every time somebody says “twin-fin” the Psycho music starts playing in the background since my last one was a bit of a failure, but I’m fast overcoming my fear of making twin-fin fishes. They sure look nice though. Let see if the kids down here will get into the Twin-fin craze this year? Do they have Twin-Fin surf contests for twins like longboard contests? Would be nice for this unique style of board riding. Even nicer if actual twins participated surfing on twin-fins. Where’s my twin? Has anybody seen my twin???



I just got word from Hugh Morrison on his F&L Twin fin and it’s great! He got to test it out in Chicama, Peru.

Thank God again! I’m feeling relieved and confident in our fish making skills.

Gaudi Castro is jumping aboard the Fast & Loose craze this month and is ordering a 5’5”.

I’m hoping to repeat the magic for him too.

You seen a fish around here?

The Fast & Loose model looking mean with the Rasta Keel fins.

I‘m really looking forward to making a bunch of these in 2017 God willing.

I already have one in stock this Pink and Blue tinted 6’0” x 21” x 2.7” @ 37.5 liters

See more pictures of this board in the Fast & Loose Album ©2017