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Every surfboard shaper should be a pro surfer, and if you aren’t a pro surfer you should at least get yourself one and let them tell you “yeah” or “nay” on the boards. And even better an ultra sensitive pro surfer who knows precisely what he likes like David Begley who can help you fine tune the boards. Davo is our man to research and develop our pro-line surfboard models. Sorry novices, Pros only on certain types of surfboards. They are just not for everybody. You gotta know how to surf well. You know, beginner, intermediate, advanced? Are you advanced? Sorry to break your delusion. Many of you just aren’t there yet. But Davo is and I can count on his input. I trust his input is accurate. And so we’ve been working on the Sizzle Stick. I made one in his dims to try out and we’ve been working on it for over a year now. The first one was not bad but not great either. A second one turned out to be spot on. I count 4 Sizzle Sticks now including the reject model that went to Chris Burdine. (It didn’t meet up to volume and rail thickness standards. Software glitch. Came out thin). Out of the 4 I’ve made he really likes 2 of them, and 1 in particular he gives it A+++ on the report card named “Pinky”. The other one is named “Green”.  Pinky and Green is his current C-Quiver equipped with FIN-S fins and glow-in-the dark tints. The 4th and last one was good too he just didn’t need 3 of the same board in his quiver so he sold to Brandon Valverde.

Pinky & Green.

Davo on Green.

Davo also rides for Team Fin-S

and represents the tool-less fin brand in the face of little barney kooks at South Beach.

Now here’s a word from our sponsor Fin-S.

Fin-S! Removable & Tooless fin boxes.

“Don’t screw with us”!

Made in the USA

Fin-S is coming out with a new and improved fin box early this year 2017.

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David “Juevos” Begley

Doing a high “G” turn January 8th, 2017 on his trusty Sizzle Stick nick-named “Pinky”.

Location: Miami Beach, FLorida


If Davo likes me then I would consider him an asset to the company. Fortunately for me God is helping me, and Davo likes me and the boards he’s getting. Like, he really, really likes them. So, we are actually doing something good down here in Miami after all, thanks to God! It’s not all doom and gloom in the world. Still some good things happening, and seeing Davo surf on his magic stick is a good thing to behold. It’s all team work and It’s all a team effort. You’ve got God providing the waves on this day, that once and sometimes twice every January North Swell. The local surfboard shaper providing the surfboard. The team rider ripping, and the photographer taking the money shot. Teamwork. It’s a beautiful thing. Just don’t pay no mind to surf_305’s IG icon. Haha! Un gracioso. Team C-alis! Haha! Que funny! No affiliation to surf_305. Lol!

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