Kind: Slayer Class

Release Date: October 2016

Size: 6’1” x 19.5” x  2.65”

Volume: 33.5 Liters

Special Features: Wide Point Forward

Bottom Contours: Single Concave to Spiral Vee out the back. (Double+Vee)

Tail Shape: Round, Round-Pin.

Fin Set Up: Tri-fin or 5-fin

Description: To make a long story short this board is made to go up against the Rusty Slayer. It’s not an exact copy or replica, as I’ve never actually seen or held a Slayer in my hands. It just has the same basic dimensions and design philosophy. I started this model with the Latest Craze as the base. Then I tweaked it out to make it more like the Slayer. The main difference is in the nose. It’s a little more flipped up and thinned out from the Latest Craze. This board is basically a more refined version of the Latest Craze. Lets say, “a little more Pro”. Since this board’s predecessor is the Latest Craze we named it the Cra Cra. Pronounced (Cray-Cray). If this board were ever to go up against the Rusty Slayer then it should be a good dual to watch. Right now this first CRA CRA is in Rob Guertin’s hands. Awaiting conformation on the performance.

Rob Guertin was stoked!




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