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Kind: Thick Slug

Dims: 7’0”  Width: 22.5” Thickness: 3”

Volume: 52.5 Liters

Special Features: Extra Wide, Blunt Round Nose

Bottom Contours: Spoon Nose, to Vee.

Tail Shape: Pulled in Round-Pin

Fin Set Up: Any.

Description: The C-Slug is a Mini-LB designed for FreeStyle Orly. He wanted to go extra wide and thick while keeping the tail pulled in. The newer version has a touch more nose rocker than shown.



Top: FreeStyle Orly picking up his C-SLUG.  Below: Roger V. got his C-SLUG with the Bonzer set up.


2+1 with 6” Single + Bonzer side bites.

Chris Gustafson can’t wait to try it.

7’0” C-Slug in Light Blue


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