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I started hand shaping in Hialeah back in 1994. I lived in an apartment at the time so where to shape was the first challenge. Thankfully, my buddy Marco offered to let me use his back yard in which we built a shed made out of old plywood. After a couple tries my friends told me to keep at it, so I did. I hand shaped boards ever since, creating mine own outlines out of masonite. I did this for a while until I gave up in 1998 to go back to school and study Graphic Design. I graduated in 2000 and worked a couple years in graphics and printing until I met up with a surfer client who brought surfing back into my field of view. Reminiscing of my old shaper days I decided to start all over again. With a little bit of money that I had saved up ($1000) and 6 months of unemployment checks I got me a small warehouse in Hialeah, FL in 2003. From there I had a great start with the C-Shapes brand. I showed my first boards and new business card to “BIRD” from Bird Surf Shop just before he passed away, and he said to me, “you look really organized”. And he smiled at me and wished me well. Little by little the company grew. Back then I hand-shaped all my boards and painted them, but I always relied on a glass-shop for support.
Then, in 2005 Clark foam shut down, and everything was up in the air. But I landed again on my feet and kept going, moving into a bigger shop across the street. Around that time John “JP” Parton from Fox surfboards USA, got into a shaping machine and he invited me to be a part of it. So I learned how to design surfboards on the computer. By this time I could no longer find a glasser nearby to glass and sand for me so I had to grab the bull by the horns and do my own glassing and sanding as well. Because of this my quality went down to square one for a couple years as I had to perfect my technique which I had been learning by watching the other guys. Then, around 2007 the market got really bad again and had to give up the big shop and boxed everything up with plans on moving to Hawaii. That never happened and I was offered a small shop near Miami by my old college buddy Alex Saa around 2008-09. Seeing I still had plenty of customers here I went ahead and got it and started all over again. I’ve been here in Miami ever since. I currently still work with JP and his shaping machine and have a solid 8 years designing and glassing experience. All done by me; surfboard design, fine tuning, painting, glassing, sanding, web design, the clean up around the shop and DIY engineering. Only the good Lord is here helping me in Spirit, and my shop cat is here to give me company.

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C-Shapes :: Fine Custom Surfboards

Surfboard Shaper: Carlos Reyes  aka: C. DOB: 1975

Origin: Hackensack, NJ  Descent: Colombia

Current Location: Miami, FL USA

Shaping Since: 1994

Press: Urban Daddy, Ocean Drive, The Miami Herald,

Easter Surf Magazine

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And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so.

10 And God called the dry land Earth; and the gathering together of the waters called he Seas: and God saw that it was good.

Genesis 1:9-10 King James Version (KJV)

<<< “Bobbie” the Shop Kitty is a stray cat who wandered into our parking lot one day and seeing she needed some medical attention I took her to the vet to get some shots and an ear cleaning as she had the beginning of mange. I guess that’s why they say “mange cat”. One day Bobbie passed out on my office chair and I realized this is just a cool cat looking for a place to chill. So now this cat is sponsored!

C-Shapes is a local level custom surfboard factory specializing in high quality custom Surfboards of all shapes and sizes. Coming from a hand shaping background of more than 10 years I now use the latest in Shape 3D design software to make precise and consistent CNC shapes. My in-house glassing is traditional free lap and I use the latest in high quality building materials. I give personalized one on one service in the Miami / SOFLO surfing community or anybody who wants a custom C-Shapes. You can work with me on perfecting your own personal magic shape or create something entirely new from scratch. Sit-with-the-shaper design appointments available.

C-Shapes are not mass produced. I follow the “keep it small and simple” business model from Proverbs 15:16. Being a one man operation only a small number of boards are made each month. That makes these boards rare. If you ever find one laying around on the beach on the opposite side of the world somewhere you know that board came from Carlos Reyes in Miami.

Made in the USA



Some believe in the theory of evolution. I believe in the word of God and Creation.

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