The 80’s Creature ::


Kind: 80’s Tech Shortboard

Specs: 5’11” x 19.5” x 2.375”

Volume: 30.5 Liters

Special Features: Flat deck, boxy rails

Bottom Contours: Single to Double Concave to Vee tail

Tail Shape: HBW Tail: Bump + Wing + Swallow.

Fin Set Up: 3 or 5 fin.

Description: The 80’s Creature is actually an HBW with a little 80’s tech. Studying old boards that people bring by we can clearly see a different way of thinking and shaping nearly 3 decades ago. All hand shaped back then, the 70‘s, 80’s and even early 90’s saw the flat deck, boxy rail style of shaping. Then boards began to get thinned out, with domed decks and pinched rails, flip tips and lots of rocker, (hmm, sound like the Whip to me...) But little by little people have been going back to the old way of making surfboards, with a little more meat on the bone, and less rocker, and of course the flat deck to boxy rail. It’s possible to convert any design to 80’s tech as we did here. The HBW design is perfect for this, and also very similar in design theory is our Grenade model which also has a flat deck to boxy rail. Some people don’t get it when they see it. They think I goofed up or something? No goof. That’s intentional. A lot of team riders have asked for flat deck saying they like the feel of it better. Flat decks allow you to ride a thinner board by distributing the volume out to the rails.

FYI: If you wanted to order your next custom with Glass-On-Fins the price is the same as buying an upgrade set. +$100.00 (+/-)

We can add more 80’s into the board of course, but for right now it’s the perfect blend of old and new and the board just has good vibes about it. My buddies can tell when a board is meant to be by just looking at it. The 80’s Creature radiated with good vibes as it flew out the door. Hey! Don’t forget to write!


Present Day 2014

Alexis got his board glassed in Epoxy, using S-Cloth tech fiberglass + carbon-glass tape and vector net reinforcements.

His reaction was “Wow! Super light”! But even better is that it’s also super stronger! At least in theory that is...

Hopefully this board will walk into a surf shop 30 years from now and they will marvel at the boards from 2014?


Wow dude! Where did you fin that thing? I found it over by the

particle disintegrator about to get pulverized into packing peanuts!

What should I do with it? IDK? You should pulverized it dude.

We need more packing peanuts. Quick! The drones will be here

any minute. Keep working! Keep working! Lets get it done man!

Yer slackin!


The 80’s Creature. Bringing back a little bit of that old school technology and mixing it with the new. Sounds marvelous!


Alexis got the Rusty 5-fin by Futures Fins®. He’s now cutting edge and throw back all at the same time.



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